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Pawfectly Natural North East

About Pawfectly Natural North East

Our History

Who are we and why do we do what we do? -
Back in 2014 we got a call to foster a dog.... That was the beginning of a long journey. One of blood, tears, frustration and research.
Blade (pictured on the right) came to us with chronic skin issues. He was bald, had repeated infections and left vets baffled at the cause. It left everyone scratching their heads. He was on massive doses of steroids and his condition worsened week by week. After trialing prescription diets from the vets, we were advised that it may possibly be kinder to end Blades suffering.
No one could give us answers, and we could not find anything to help his condition. 
After much deliberation, we decided he would join our family on a permanent basis, and we would seek a second opinion. 
Quickly diagnosed with chronic systemic yeast issues, we went away and did research on his condition. Needless to say, There was not a kibble on the market we could feed our dog! ALL kibble contains carbohydrates and starches. Not an appropriate diet for a dog with massive yeast issues. With extensive research we came across a species appropriate diet and decided we had nothing to loose. We began our raw journey and quickly transitioned 2 of our other dogs to raw. The benefits were clear to see!! 
Blade spent over 2 years medication free (no steroids, no antibiotics, no antihistamines). He had a quality of life and defied the vets. On the 13th June 2019, Blade became unwell and we made the hardest decision to let him go. His story drives us, Our PASSION is feeding dogs an appropriate diet, not just raw... But cooked, fresh and quality kibble. We are on-hand to offer advice on all types of feeding.

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33 Gibson Street  Newbiggin by the sea

NE64 6UY


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